Notion Kaizen Daily Journal Template (Preview)

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What is Kaizen 

Kaizen philosophy is a philosophy popularized by Toyota that is essentially about shifting one's focus to long-term improvement rather than getting caught up in momentary success or setbacks. It is based on the belief that continuous, incremental improvement adds up to substantial change over time.

Who's this for

Anyone who is interested in self-development and needs a complete daily journal that captures the most important, actionable part of their day.

Why you need this

Become more aware

We go through life with blinkers on sometimes. A daily journal helps you gain deeper awareness about the world around you, the people in your life, as well as about yourself.

Gain perspective

It’s easy to lose perspective when you are in the middle of life. Things seem to get out of hand. You get so wrapped up in the now that you can barely remember the bigger picture. This is where journaling can keep you grounded so that you keep (or regain) your perspective about what is important.

Clear your mind

Journaling helps remove the subconscious cognitive load of trying not to forget things that happened across the day. Get every thought about your day out and make sense of It later.

Better Sleep quality

It can be challenging to sleep and make decisions when your brain is overfilled with unprocessed thoughts. Writing in your journal at the end of the day helps signify and end of that day- which helps you get better sleep.

Achieve your goals & form positive habits

By keeping track of your day and making continuous, small, incremental improvements, you inevitably move closer to your goals. By using the power of streaks, you're able to visually see your progress each day, so breaking the chain of good habit becomes harder.

Gain awareness of patterns of behavior

A structured daily journal allows you to get an objective view of your day while capturing the events while they're still fresh in your memory. We tend to repeat patterns of behavior if we don’t pay attention- Particularly negative patterns. You may find that you are complaining about the same thing now that you were complaining about last year, without having done anything about it. Journaling helps you spot these patterns quickly so that you can take action to alter them.

What makes this different from other journals

  • This is not just a habit tracker, journal, gratitude tracker, mood tracker, behavior tracker, or any other daily journal. It's all above!
  • Even though it's comprehensive, it's also designed to be very simple, and not require more than 5 minutes of your time each day.
  • No complicated workflow that gives you extra work or data that you'll never use. This is pragmatic, actionable, and Kaizen.

What to expect in the template

  • This template contains the basic set up for your own Kaizen Journal.
  • You'll also get up to 7 filtered views for many scenarios you'll need to measure your mood, habit, best days, etc.
  • If you want to skip all the work, get the complete version with 13+ filtered views and powerful databases for tracking everything you learn on a daily basis in both your personal and professional life:

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A powerful but simple Notion template for keeping track of your day, habits, learnings, mistakes, wins and more. It includes everything below

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Notion Kaizen Daily Journal Template (Preview)

2 ratings
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